Tuesday, August 6, 2013

How Many Filofaxes are Too Many?

Despite the fact that this title may be grammatically incorrect, it is a question I ask myself every time I open a new or slightly used Filofax box.  Many people say we are obsessed. Some have even gone as far as saying we are greedy and waste money. I say, a girl or guy, could never have too many......Filofaxes.  

Like most women who like to change their bags and shoes to suit their style, I like to change my agenda/planner to suit the season or my mood.  Sometimes I wear high heels and sometimes I use my Chameleon Filofax.  Sometimes I wear flip flops and sometimes I use my Kate Spade agenda or my new Maldens.  An agenda/planner is an accessory that makes you look good like your clothes or shoes but, unlike your clothes and shoes, helps you organize your everyday to dos, appointments, etc....

So, to answer the question, "how many Filofaxes are too many?" I say not enough!

Have fun organizing and planning my fellow planners.  Do what makes you happy and productive!